We are a small herd of amazing animals! We raise Mini Zebu Cattle, Dorper Sheep, Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Chickens, Great Pyrenees, and more!

Mini Zebu for sale in North Texas

Beautiful Zebu cattle that come from snuggly pets and great parents in North Texas! Click the button below to see what’s available.

Dorper Lambs for sale in North Texas

Friendly dorper sheep that come from healthy, well loved parents in our tiny North Texas flock. Click the button to see what’s available:

Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale in North Texas

Adorable, fun-loving little goats from a small, healthy heard in North Texas. Our goats keep us entertained on the mini farm! Click the button below to see what’s available.

About Us

We love our mini farm life and can’t wait to share some of our amazing animals with you!

Looking for some farm babies of your own? We have babies born through the year and you can see what’s available by clicking any button above.


We don’t have an official waitlist, but we can definitely keep your contact info ready for when new babies are born. Let us know if there’s a special farm baby you are looking for!

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